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It’s a million laughs around the Science Bros

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This is the best thing that has ever happened.



This is the best thing that has ever happened.

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its a vicious cycle

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favorite animated movie outfits
♥ Rapunzel’s wedding dress
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I will never pass for a perfect bride. Or a perfect daughter.

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"Tangled" concept art by Paul Felix (x)

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favourite character meme » seven scenes: conquer your fears [5/7] 

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Remembering Nealfire Week ♔ Day Two - Favorite Season
"You have no idea what I’ve lived with. You’re so worried about you. You know what I’ve dealt with? Every night for more years than you could know… the last thing I see before sleep is the image of you—You and me over that pit, your hand wrapped around mine. And then you open your grip. And as I fall away, all I can see is your face. Choosing all… this crap over me. Letting me go. Now it’s my turn. Now I’m letting you go."
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Majestic creature in his natural habitat 

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1) The Little Mermaid pencil test by Glen Keane   via diehard-disney

2) Tangled pencil test by Glen Keane   via diehard-disney

3) Aladdin pencil test   via diehard-disney

4) Sleeping Beauty pencil test by Marc Davis   via diehard-disney

5) 101 Dalmatians pencil test   via diehard-disney

6) Xeroxes of Frank Thomas pencil animation for Pinocchio

(Via: Michael Sporn & The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation)  via the-disney-elite

7) Peter Pan pencil test by Milt Kahl   via diehard-disney

8) The Jungle Book pencil test   via diehard-disney

9) The Rescuers pencil test by Ollie Johnston   via diehard-disney

10) Alice in Wonderland pencil test by Milt Kahl   via diehard-disney

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.DSeason 1 Episode 1 (x)Season 1 Episode 2 (x)Season 1 Episode 3 (x)Season 1 Episode 4 (x)Season 1 Episode 5 (x)Season 1 Episode 6 (x)Season 1 Episode 7 (x)Season 1 Episode 8 (x)Season 1 Episode 9 (x)Season 1 Episode 10 (x)Season 1 Episode 11 (x)Season 1 Episode 12 (x)Season 1 Episode 13 (x)Season 1 Episode 14 (x)Season 1 Episode 15 (x)


X-MenX-Men (x)X2 X-men united (x)X-men: The Last Stand (x)X-Men Origins: Wolverine (x)X-Men: First Class (x)The Wolverine (x)

Iron Man (x)Iron Man 2 (x)Iron Man 3 (x)Thor (x)Thor: The Dark World (x)Captain America: The First Avenger (x)The Avengers (x)

The Amazing Spiderman (x)



Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D
Season 1 Episode 1 (x)
Season 1 Episode 2 (x)
Season 1 Episode 3 (x)
Season 1 Episode 4 (x)
Season 1 Episode 5 (x)
Season 1 Episode 6 (x)
Season 1 Episode 7 (x)
Season 1 Episode 8 (x)
Season 1 Episode 9 (x)
Season 1 Episode 10 (x)
Season 1 Episode 11 (x)
Season 1 Episode 12 (x)
Season 1 Episode 13 (x)
Season 1 Episode 14 (x)
Season 1 Episode 15 (x)
X-Men (x)
X2 X-men united (x)
X-men: The Last Stand (x)
X-Men Origins: Wolverine (x)
X-Men: First Class (x)
The Wolverine (x)

Iron Man (x)
Iron Man 2 (x)
Iron Man 3 (x)
Thor (x)
Thor: The Dark World (x)
Captain America: The First Avenger (x)
The Avengers (x)
The Amazing Spiderman (x)


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